The ‘Notariat am Gänsemarkt’ looks back on a long and proud tradition. The founding notaries, Walter Kuckuck and Hans-Werner Schacht, laid the foundations in 1947 of a firm of notaries which was to play a decisive role in the legal environment of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg - through contact on the personal level to the individual citizen, but also shaping the city by participating closely in its business and commercial life.

Past partners continue to be highly respected - not only in Hamburg but in the wider Federal Republic. We honour the leadership of Dr Ernst Duve, Dr Bernhard von Schweinitz and Dr Detlef Thomsen.

The development of the partnership is characterised by steady growth. In 2008 the firm comprised seven notaries, while today we are five in number as a result of legislative changes. The so-called Notarial Regulation, setting the maximum partnership size at five, was passed with the less than convincing argument that a concentration of notaries in the city centre would be undesirable.

Our current partners are excellent lawyers with a deep understanding of business affairs. They stand for service provision of the highest quality, and have contributed decisively to the success of the ‘Notariat am Gänsemarkt’.