Dr. Michael Commichau

Dr. Commichau completed his legal studies in Wurzburg and Munich. He undertook his professional training (Referendariat) in the governmental district of Upper Bavaria. During his studies, Dr Commichau served as Academic Assistant at the Institute for Politics and Public Law at the University of Munich in the chair of Professor Doctor Peter Badura, and was awarded a doctorate for a thesis on the Jurisprudence of the European Courts of Justice. Dr Commichau was appointed a Notary Public under Civil Law in 1997. He writes commentaries among others on the provisions for ‘declarations of partition’ under the German Residential Property Act (Condominium Act) [Wohnungseigentumgesetz] in the Munich Commentary [Münchener Kommentar], acts as a Consultant for the IVD, and is engaged extensively in the not-for-profit sector (field).

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