Dr. Wolfram Radke

Dr Radke has served as a Hamburg Notary since 2008. Following legal studies at the Philipps University in Marburg, he was initially an Academic Assistant in Marburg at the Institute for the Contemporary History of Private Law (Professor, Dr Buchholz) as well as of Trade and Commercial Law (Professsor Dr Beuthien). There he was awarded a doctorate in 2000 for a dissertation on the Basic Issues of Legal Drafting. During his professional training (Refendariat) in Frankfurt, Dr Radke completed a Masters at the University of Sydney Law School (LL.M. 2002) and served as a research assistant in a leading German law partnership. Dr Radke was an attorney with litigation focus at an international law firm basedin London and Frankfurt am Main, before appointment as an Associate Notary under Civil Law in 2005.

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Frau Petra Drews (Bürovorsteherin)
Tel: 040/35 55 33 01
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